Renewable Energy Sources - The Energy of The Future

Energy deficit of fossil fuels increasing in a geometrical progression has lead to an intensifying economic dependence of all nations on the countries exporting petrol and natural gas. This fact has raised a necessity of developing a new energy strategy of the European Union and implementation of a variety of programs financing renewable energy projects which aim a considerable increase of the share of all alternative and renewable energy sources in Europe. Folowing the EU instructions and recommendations Bulgaria has also implemented a substantial number of changes in its energy legislation providing different tarrifs and normative conditions which stimulate wind and solar energy project investors. One of the most important measures that Bulgaria has taken is the provision of special purchase prices for electricity generated by renewable energy sources.

As a result of the above measures and economic incentives as well as the comparatively high effectiveness of the technologies applied and fast capital investment return, a significat increase of renewable energy investors' interest has been registered from all over the world. According to statistics for the last 5 years the total amount of world wide generated electricity has increased with almost 4 times for wind energy sector and about 9 times for solar energy sector.

Bulgaria has both wind energy potential and very good conditions for high investment returns from solar energy systems. That is why for the last years it has been reported an increasing interest of investors in implementation of such projects in our country.

Elprom Energy Ltd. - Your Way to The Future

Elprom Energy Ltd. is an engineering and consulting company specialized in projection, delivery, building and maintenance of wind energy centrals and photovoltaic systems.

During its activity of many years the company has been working with different customers offering them high quality services such as:

* professional decisions in the projection process;
* modern methods of project management and risk estimating;
* project implementation fully suiting all quality requirements and contemporary technological standards;
* regular system monitoring and complex care of the normal equipment functioning.

Elprom Energy Ltd. - your reliable partner!

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We sell a 4 MWp photovoltaic project with full documentation and own terrains.

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