Elprom Energy Ltd. - experience, knowledge, professionalism

In 2004 Elprom Energy Ltd. was normatively established as an engineering and consulting company specialized in projection, delivery, construction and maintenance of wind energy centrals and photovoltaic systems.

From the very beginning the managing team of the company aimed at diversification of operational areas and as a result along with customer service they started a process of terrain purchasing and preparation for the execution of large scale industrial projects for electricity generation from renewable energy sources.

Within the framework of Elprom Energy Ltd. its managers gathered qualified and ambitious specialists as well as professionals having expert experience in other areas and all of them with their teamwork contribute to achieving a correct and high-quality implementation of the services offered by the company. Along with that strategic partners were chosen distinguished by their commercial experience, financial stability, technological innovations and high product quality due to which the functioning of Elprom Energy Ltd. is assured for reliability and creativity.

During its activity of many years the company has been working with different customers offering them high quality services such as:

* professional decisions in the projection process (consultations about concrete questions, preparation of project documentation, technical and economic analyses based on the statements of wind measuring systems);
* modern methods of project management and risk estimating;
* project implementation fully suiting all quality requirements and contemporary technological standards;
* regular system monitoring and complex care of the normal equipment functioning.

High-quality services of Elprom Energy Ltd. are used by a number of customers who have already implemented their investment projects and are now realizing stable positive financial results.

Elprom Energy Ltd. - your reliable partner!

Projects for sale

We sell a 4 MWp photovoltaic project with full documentation and own terrains.

For investors

We invite investors for participation in construction of wind and photovoltaic parks.